Brighton Wakeboard Club News

18 September 2019 water temp 18.5C

Variable winds plenty of sunshine and generally great water conditions...

Brighton Wakeboard Club News

26th Jul, '18

Are you receiving emails?

If you have subscribed to receive emails and are not getting any please check your junk mail folder as this seems to be ...

13th Jun, '17

Basking in the sunshine :)

Our beautiful City is once again soaking in sunshine so we've polished our boat up, dusted all the toys off and we're re ...

Membership of BWC

As of July 2018, Annual Membership costs will be 100.00.
Annual Single Membership100
Annual Couple Membership175
20 mins towing3045
Extended tow timepro ratan/a
Impact vest/helmet hireFREEFREE
Board/ski hireFREE5
Wetsuit hire55
Passenger/joyride experience (subject to available seating) 10